Hi all,

the deb and rpm packages build from InstallBuilder will not remove all directories while uninstall.

How can I configure this?



asked 19 Apr '12, 06:08

Kai%20Heitkamp's gravatar image

Kai Heitkamp
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Which directories are not deleted? If you are positive at the end of the uninstallation that they should be deleted, you could use the below code:

        <deleteFile path="${installdir}/logs"/>
        <deleteFile path="${installdir}/temp"/>
        <deleteFile path="${installdir}"/>

Please note that it just tries to delete ${installdr} if it is empty. That prevents issues if for example the user selected / as installdir by mistake.


answered 19 Apr '12, 13:27

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juanjo ♦♦
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deb: ${installdir} (../MyApp), all subdirs are deleted.

rpm: All dirs are not deleted, files only.

Strange is that the normal InstallBuilder uninstaller works fine!


answered 19 Apr '12, 14:23

Kai%20Heitkamp's gravatar image

Kai Heitkamp
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Do you mean that using rpm all files are deleted and empty directories remain?

(19 Apr '12, 14:46) juanjo ♦♦

Yes, exactly!

(19 Apr '12, 16:57) Kai Heitkamp

Could you write us to support@bitrock.com? We will setup an account in our ftp for you to upload the rpm file so we can try to reproduce it.

(24 Apr '12, 13:41) juanjo ♦♦

Okay, done!

(25 Apr '12, 09:52) Kai Heitkamp
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