I've learned InstallBuilder strips a folder of any .svn subfolders. This is, no doubt, the behavior most want. However, I want to distribute the source with the .svn subfolders so users can update their source directly after installing from InstallBuilder. Is this possible?

Also, it seems that other hidden Linux files/folders, (.git, .gitignore) are not included in the InstallBuilder package. Is there a way to include them automatically?

asked 26 Apr '12, 00:14

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You can configure the files to ignore using the <filesToIgnoreWhenPacking> tag, which defaults to "CVS .svn .DS_Store". So, in your case, you just need to remove .svn:

  <filesToIgnoreWhenPacking>CVS .DS_Store</filesToIgnoreWhenPacking>

Regarding .git and .git ignore, they should be packed by default. Could you doublecheck it?


answered 26 Apr '12, 03:45

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juanjo ♦♦
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Re the .git and .gitignore. They're are ok. The problem was the order of unpacking and adding them to the uninstaller. Thanks.

(26 Apr '12, 07:15) tahoar

Is this tag only valid at the project level, or can I configure the various subcomponents separately?

(10 May '12, 03:16) tahoar

Thanks. I'll try. Re .git, when I add a folder via the folders UI, the .git subfolder is included. However, if I install a tarball of the git, expand by running tar with runprogram, and then add the new files via either addDirectoriesToUninstaller or addFilesToUninstaller, InstallBuilder doesn't uninstall them.


answered 26 Apr '12, 05:09

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When using <addDirectoriesToUninstaller>, are you setting addContents=1? In which platform are you testing the installer?

(26 Apr '12, 05:15) juanjo ♦♦
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