Is there a way to disable the "Cancel" button? In the <postInstallationActionList>, I use <runProgram> to run a script that compiles some source code. It can take a while. I'd like to disable the "Cancel" button during this external script so users can't interrupt the compile.

Thanks. Tom

asked 26 Apr '12, 20:55

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Currently it is not possible to disable the cancel button. You can use <showProgressDialog> to indicate a long running process, but user will still be able to cancel it.

Perhaps you can simply show a progress dialog and mention in the text that cancelling may cause the installation to be partially left on the system or any other side effects that it may have? If users need to cancel, they will know the implications.

   <title>Compiling, it may take several minutes. Aborting the installation at compilation phase may cause some files to be left on your computer and is not recommended.</title>
     <!-- .... -->

It is documented in more details in Displaying Progress While Executing Long Running Actions section of InstallBuilder User Guide.

As for configuring the cancel button being disabled, we have added your suggestion to our bug tracking system.


answered 27 Apr '12, 03:00

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wojciechka ♦♦
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Thanks. Disabling the cancel button might not be necessary. An option to prompt the user with "Are you sure?" would be a nice compromise.

(30 Apr '12, 04:33) tahoar

The confirmation dialog should always appear when trying to cancel the installation. Is it not appearing in your case?

(30 Apr '12, 04:38) juanjo ♦♦

Sorry. I was always afraid to try it. I just tried it and there is a confirmation dialog. Thanks.

(30 Apr '12, 10:13) tahoar
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