As the question states, components seem to have several lists (folderList, startMenuShortcutList, componentSelectionValidationActionList, etc.), but no actionList. Say for instance that I want to install a service as part of a component. Where is the ideal place to do that?

asked 30 Apr '12, 21:09

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I forgot to mention that I would expect this action to run after the previous component installation and before the next component installation. A better example would be a regkey set by one component and required in postInstallationAction's by other components.

(30 Apr '12, 21:14) DevHopeful_2012

In your case the folder actionList is the best solution. It is executed right after the packed files are installed. You can also have multiple folders, each of them with its actionList. In most of the cases, if executing the actions right after unpacking the files is not a requirement, the recommended actionList to perform those tasks (adding services or keys to the registry) is the <postInstallationActionList>. In a similar way, if the actions you need to perform are used to check requirements in the OS, the <preInstallationActionList> is the recommended one.

You can find additional information about the available action lists in this article.


answered 01 May '12, 07:49

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Definitely a more complete answer than mine. Thanks for verifying this for me.

(02 May '12, 22:36) DevHopeful_2012

I did find that the folder element will take an actionList attribute. I can only assume that this actionList is performed after unpacking the folder, correct?


answered 30 Apr '12, 21:13

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