I like to keep as much code as possible in each component, so the project can hopefully stay simple, whereas components are as complex as they need to be. Therefore, I have components implement their own installationActionList, preInstallationActionList, etc. Interestingly enough, I have already found that the component's preInstallationActionList is not executed, unless the component is selected. The next thing that I would like to determine is...

Can a component deselect itself? Perhaps in the preInstallationActionList, assuming that it is selected? Can it set its own description here, as well? Can it set its canBeEdited property to 0?

Say for instance, I have a component that installs a service and the user is a non-admin. Rather than have the project disable all service components, can the component itself handle this?

I suppose that I could just test this, but I thought it would be a good hypothetical for the Q&A group.

asked 08 May '12, 02:33

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If a component is deselected, only its <initializationActionList> will be executed. This gives the opportunity to the component to enable itself if needed. Having saying that, if a component is selected, it can modify its properties or deselect itself at any point before the <readyToInstallActionList>.

If you want to make a component disable itself at the most early stage of the installation, I would recommend using its <initializationActionList>.

You can also check how to modify component properties (among other project settings) in this article.


answered 08 May '12, 06:01

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Exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for clarifying this.

(11 May '12, 02:23) DevHopeful_2012
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