We are trying to solve a problem that is occurring when an upgrade is cancelled. At the start of the upgrade we stop our services. If the user cancels the installation during the upgrade the files are rolled back correctly, but the services are not restarted.

The installationAbortedActionList is executed before the rollback process starts, so we cannot use this to restart the service.

Is there an action list that is executed after the rollback has completed so that we can restart the services?

asked 09 May '12, 07:28

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Matthew Steed
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It is not possible to execute actions after that point. Would it be an alternative to show a popup asking to restart the services after the process finishes?


answered 09 May '12, 12:20

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juanjo ♦♦
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We could do this if there is no alternative, but there are several services that need to be restarted so the popup would have quite a long message in it.

How do we show the popup if we can't execute any actions?

(10 May '12, 05:36) Matthew Steed

I assume you mean that we should show a pop up using the installationAbortedActionList.

That would work, but the user may forget which services need to be restarted.

Being able to execute actions after the rollback is complete would also allow us to ensure that the rollback was done correctly.

Putting actions in the installationAbortedActionList doesn't allow us to execute actions that need to be performed after the original files have been restored.

(10 May '12, 11:24) Matthew Steed
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