After viewing the answer in this post, I ran both a Linux build and a cdrom build, with only Linux as the cdromPlatform. I found that platform_name is linux in both builds. So, I am still oblivious as to how to tell if a build is for the cdrom or the single-file executable. Any suggestions? What am I missing?

To explain my need, we tar or zip the cdrom builds, and I am trying to take care of this in a postBuildAction. However, I need a rule to differentiate between the build target type (e.g. linux or cdrom) rather than the build target platform (e.g. linux and linux here).

asked 11 May '12, 02:37

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Aw, I thought I stumbled upon the answer, "installer_package_format". But, this built-in variable's value is "executable" during both builds.

(11 May '12, 03:14) DevHopeful_2012

Uh-oh. I just noticed the postBuildAction caveat for CDROM installers. So, I only want to perform this action once. How would I do that, as well? I also try to sign the executable on Windows. How can I tell if this is the final execution of the postBuildAction's?

Post-build Actions - ...For multi-platform CDROM installers, the postBuildActionList is executed once for every one of the specific platform installers and one final time for the whole CDROM build.

(11 May '12, 03:20) DevHopeful_2012

We are looking into this. The platform_name should say cdrom when the cdrom actionList is being executed. Could you follow up to so we can send you new builds once this is solved?


answered 11 May '12, 09:26

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