The following works on Linux. However, it fails on Windows. I tried replacing the leading dot (.) with an asterisk (*), but it also fails. I also tried quoting the string because ${installdir} has a space on Windows. It also failed. One interesting note, I'm testing the Windows version on the newest Wine 4.0. So, this might be a bug in Wine, not Windows.


asked 12 May '12, 08:56

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While Wine may be changing some of the behavior, the file may simply be reported as hidden by Windows API. Such files are not deleted using <deleteFile> action by default - you need to enable <matchHiddenFiles>. For example:


Does the above delete the file correctly?


answered 14 May '12, 05:11

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wojciechka ♦♦
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Thanks, but I forgot to mention that I tried the <matchhiddenfiles> flag and it didn't work. I resolved the requirement with a different approach. I originally created the file using the <writefile> in the <postinstallationactionlist>. Now, I include a dummy .lastupdate file in the <folderlist> and the uninstaller automatically deletes the file without having to use <deletefile>.

(18 May '12, 04:33) tahoar
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