Installbuilder installs the Linux desktop shortcut below, but not the Windows shortcut. I've tried every variation of escaping the characters (spaces, ™, etc.). I also tried file:// and file:/// Nothing works. The <startMenuShortcutList> link also does not work.


        <comment>Term glossary for statistical machine translation (SMT)</comment>
        <name>DoMY™ SMT Glossary</name>
        <platforms>linux linux-x64</platforms>
        <comment>Term glossary for statistical machine translation (SMT)</comment>
        <name>DoMY™ SMT Glossary</name>

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You should use <desktopShortcut> inside <desktopShortcutList> to create a desktop shortcut. For example:


This will create shortcut to bin/application on Unix systems and bin/application.exe on Windows.


answered 10 Jun '12, 05:02

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I'm not linking do an application, but to a document. I changed from <linkshortcut> to <fileshortcut> and it works.

(11 Jun '12, 02:04) tahoar

On 64-bit Windows XP if you go into Control Panel and Remove a program it also removes the "..\All Users\Desktop" folder if the program's shortcuts are the only shortcuts in that folder. When re-installing the program if the "..\All Users\Desktop" folder doesn't exist the Desktop icons will not be installed (i.e. when using the Wise Installer and perhaps other older installers).

On 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7 the "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users" folder no-longer exists. The new folder name is "C:\Users\Public", and therefore once again the Wise Installer and perhaps other old installers are not installing the Desktop shortcuts where they're supposed to be located.

Please address your Thank You notes to Bill Gates at Microsoft Corporation.


answered 28 Aug '12, 20:25

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