I am running with --mode unattended and getting an "unable to create directory" error. From the log I can see the problem:

Error creating directory C:/Users/Colin/Desktop/***unknown variable clientinstalldir***

clientInstallDir is defined in a <setInstallerVariable> but that doesn't appear to be getting executed. The <setInstallerVariable> is in a <postShowPageActionList>. Is that section of my installer not getting executed for some reason in unattended mode? That certainly seems to be what's happening because I don't see any of the output from my <logMessage> calls which are in that <postShowPageActionList> section.

asked 12 Jun '12, 21:35

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It looks like validation rules for installdir parameter are also not working in non-gui mode. Where can I add the install path check so it will be done in gui and non-gui mode.

(29 Oct '12, 09:05) NicoleH

Pages are not shown in unattended mode so the pre/postShowPage actions are not executed. What I would recommend is define the clientinstalldir as a hidden parameter with a default value to use in unattended mode and if you need to tweak it, configure it in the readyToInstallActionList, which will be always executed:

      <directoryParameter name="clientinstalldir" ask="0" value="some/default/dir"/>
      <setInstallerVariable name="clientinstalldir" value="some/other/value"/>

The exact solution may depend in the exact code you are using and which value are you setting for clientinstalldir.


answered 13 Jun '12, 04:02

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juanjo ♦♦
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Thanks for the information. It's a little more complicated because clientInstallDir depends upon other values which are usually obtained from the user (but in silent mode will come from the command line) and from other conditions (such as admin or non-admin). But I understand what I need to do to fix it.

(13 Jun '12, 09:38) ColinBlake
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