Hi, For my installer I need to copy a folder and various files to multiple locations. I was able to do it in a script using a for loop and "*" in the destination path, but I'm hoping I can do it within the bitrock installer without having to call an external program. For example: I tried using a copy action and set the destination directory to:


Hoping that it would copy my files into Contents/AnotherFolder within any folder called "Live 8.2.7" or "Live 7.3" without knowing the exact version number on the user's machine. But instead it seems to take the wildcard character literally and just creates a directory tree called:


Does it work to set up a <regexmatch> within a folder's <destination> or the <destination> of a copy action? An example would be extremely helpful. Thanks so much. -Diane

asked 25 Jun '12, 13:31

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Nothing wrong with using an external script in your installer in my opinion. I do it all the time. =)

Another option might be to use the InstallBuilder "Run Program" feature and run either "cp" or "xcopy". You're still calling an external program, but you're not utilizing an actual external script. So maybe this will get you far enough away from a script that it would work for your purposes.

Hope this helps!



answered 28 Mar '13, 19:18

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You could also use InstallBuilder built-in actions using an <unpackDirectory> instead of letting the installer automatically unpack the files:

          <distributionDirectory origin="path/to/yourdir"/>
            <!-- This is never true, so the folder is not automatically unpacked -->
            <isTrue value="0"/>
         <!-- Get list of Destination Directories -->
            <execArgs>/Applications -name 'Live* ' -maxdepth 1 -exec echo \"{}\" \;</execArgs>
         <!-- Iterater over the directories, unpacking -->
         <foreach variables="destination" values="${dirs}">

answered 01 Apr '13, 04:47

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