Some components are mutual-inclusive or mutual-exclusive, so if one is selected, I want the other one to be auto selected or deselected on the component selection page. If it is not currently supported, can it be added as an enhancement in the future?

asked 11 Jul '12, 15:05

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This can be done using actions. The selection will not change instantly as user modifies the selected components, however, it is possible to change the components in <readyToInstallActionList> or after any of the pages after component selection.

As an alternative, you can hide some of the components and show a <choiceParameter> and/or combined with <booleanParameterGroup> to ask the user about installing specific components. For example:

<booleanParameterGroup> <name>install_database</name> <description>Install database</description> <explanation></explanation> <value></value> <default>0</default> <parameterList> <choiceParameter> <name>database_type</name> <description>Database type</description> <explanation></explanation> <value></value> <default></default> <allowEmptyValue>1</allowEmptyValue> <displayType>radiobuttons</displayType> <ordering>default</ordering> <width>40</width> <optionList> <option> <description></description> <image></image> <text>SQLite</text> <value>sqlite</value> </option> <option> <description></description> <image></image> <text>MySQL</text> <value>mysql</value> </option> <option> <description></description> <image></image> <text>PostgreSQL</text> <value>postgresql</value> </option> </optionList> </choiceParameter> </parameterList> <postShowPageActionList> <if> <actionList> <componentSelection> <deselect>database_mysql,database_postgresql</deselect> <select>databases,database_sqlite</select> <ruleList> <compareValues> <logic>equals</logic> <value1>${database_type}</value1> <value2>sqlite</value2> </compareValues> </ruleList> </componentSelection> <componentSelection> <deselect>database_sqlite,database_postgresql</deselect> <select>databases,database_mysql</select> <ruleList> <compareValues> <logic>equals</logic> <value1>${database_type}</value1> <value2>mysql</value2> </compareValues> </ruleList> </componentSelection> <componentSelection> <deselect>database_sqlite,database_mysql</deselect> <select>databases,database_postgresql</select> <ruleList> <compareValues> <logic>equals</logic> <value1>${database_type}</value1> <value2>postgresql</value2> </compareValues> </ruleList> </componentSelection> </actionList> <conditionRuleList> <isTrue> <value>${install_database}</value> </isTrue> </conditionRuleList> <elseActionList> <componentSelection> <deselect>databases</deselect> <select></select> </componentSelection> </elseActionList> </if> </postShowPageActionList> </booleanParameterGroup>

The above shows a boolean choice whether database should be installed, followed by radiobutton for selecting database type.

Also, I apologize for the late response. Due to an issue with notification system, we have missed this question.


answered 23 Jul '12, 08:20

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