I am going through the steps to activate the autoupdater.

The install is on a Window 7 system and was created using InstallBuilder 8.3.0 created on a Linux box. The update.ini file is created and looks correct. An uncustomized version of autoupdate-windows exists in the correct location.

When I manually run autoupdate-windows it tells me that it is using the correct ini file, but gives me an error message saying that the HTTP URL to get the update has not been specified.

Here is the ini file: [update]

url = http://semrsys.com/update.xml version_id = 0100 update_download_location = installers/windows check_for_updates = 1

When I invoke the autoupdate-windows specifying the url as an argument, it then tells me the version_id is missing. So I pass that as well on the command line and the autoupdate works.

What am I doing wrong?

asked 01 Aug '12, 09:02

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Rogers Hellman
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Sigh. Never mind. I discovered that [update] needs to be [Update] it is case sensitive. Hope this helps someone else though.

(01 Aug '12, 09:06) Rogers Hellman

the INI file [update] is case sensitive and must be [Update] or it doesn't work.


answered 01 Aug '12, 09:06

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Rogers Hellman
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