I have a problem i want to give a password for the user root of MySQL, in bash the command line is :

command echo "SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'${HOSTNAME}' = PASSWORD('${PASSWD}')" | command mysql --user=root

In a shell it works perfectly, but not in bitrock, so i tried :

        <programArguments>"SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'' = PASSWORD('${mysqlrootpasswd}')" | mysql --user=root</programArguments>
        <programArguments>"SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'${machine_hostname}' = PASSWORD('${mysqlrootpasswd}')" | mysql --user=root</programArguments>
        <programArguments>-u root password "${mysqlrootpasswd}"</programArguments>

But that not resolve the problem...

The error dispayed :

Error in echo "SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'host' =
PASSWORD('passwd')" | mysql --user=root : ERROR 1133 (42000) at line 1: Can't find
any matching row in the user table

Any ideas?


Plateform : Debian Squeeze

asked 02 Aug '12, 04:39

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According to the error it seems the first command succeeded ('root'@'') but the second one failed ('root'@'${machine_hostname}'). I machine_hostname resolving to "host"? Is that the same value you are using in the command line successfully?

(02 Aug '12, 05:36) juanjo ♦♦

Ok i found a solution!


answered 02 Aug '12, 09:05

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Yes it's true, the first command succeeded ('root'@''), It don't work because the ${machine_hostname} variable add a suffix dns (.local) after the hostame... so i need to set up a variable without the suffix ... How can i do that?


answered 02 Aug '12, 07:35

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