How do you quickly (command line?) export the installer's data into a zip or another archive (ie .7z)?

I don't mean simply zipping up the archive, but exporting the archive's data that is to be outputted.

Can this be done with a standalone installer?

asked 18 Aug '12, 15:04

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The installer can compress files as they are packed using either ZIP or LZMA algorithms. I am guessing what you are asking is whether there's a way to invoke a standalone installer so it simply extracts its contents without actually running any actions or displaying the UI. If so, it is not possible. What scenario do you have in mind that you would need this functionality for?


answered 19 Aug '12, 08:51

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Why doesn't this feature exist? Why not at least a 'silent' install command switch?

Anytime you need to batch install you either need to repack everything or use a sophisticated shell script to press 'ok' and 'next' and it still fills up the screen with dialogs.

If BitRock is using ZIP and LZMA why don't they give 7-Zip access to extract like other installers do?

How could so many people not need this feature?


answered 19 Aug '12, 09:05

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If just executing in "silent" mode would work for you you can just run the installer in unattended mode:

installer.exe --mode unattended

If you want also to avoid the execution of actions and just unpack, you could enclose you actionLists in an actionGroup and check a configurable parameter:

            <isFalse value="${onlyExtract}"/>

            <isTrue value="${onlyExtract}"/>
       <booleanParameter name="onlyExtract" value="0" ask="0"/>

answered 19 Aug '12, 09:44

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