Hello I am not a programmer, so, am a bit overwhelmed. I understand the basics of the logic of what I need to do. I am attempting to build an installer that installs new data files within a Plug-Ins folder of our program folder, and there are various versions of the program folder that different users might have (this data file works in them all).. eg. myprogram 2.5, my program 3.0, etc.

I need to use findFile to locate a sub-folder of our program folder already installed. Since the name of our folder is Plug-Ins, and other software on the user's computer may have a similar folder, I need the installer to find ours, so I thought I would have it find a very specific file in our Plug-Ins folder, and then remember our Plug-Ins folder as the install destination folder.

Then, I need to install two files to the destination folder.

My questions.. re: Macintosh installer 1. Can I have the installer find a file and remember its folder? 2. How do I write the wildcard command so it looks in all versions of the program folder? 3. Can I include the Applications folder in the path of where it is to look? 4. Is it ok that the findFile command in my .xml code comes after the Distribution File list?.. it is. Should I be moving that up?

Is there a sample .xml file somewhere I can look at to see the 'order' of events in the xml.

Sorry to be so novice.

Susan San Diego, CA

asked 25 Aug '12, 20:18

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Which platforms do you need to support? Is it only OS X? In the mentioned scenario, if the user have multiple installations of the software (myprogram 2.5, my program 3.0), do you need the installer to install the plugins to all the versions?

Regarding the execution order, before the unpacking stage, the installer will execute:

  • <initializationActionList>
  • <preInstallationActionList>
  • Pages <preShowPageActionList> and <postShowPageActionList>
  • <readyToInstallActionList>

You can find additional information here.

In addition, you can find a sample project explaining the actionLists under projects/examples/actions/actionlists_example.xml


answered 26 Aug '12, 07:20

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