I put a file called ".test" in /data/bitrock/demo/lib directory, then use the following rule to pack the file, but the file is not packed. Seeing this on Linux using InstallBuild for Qt v8.5.

                    <distributionDirectory  allowWildcards="1">

asked 31 Aug '12, 19:21

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Could you try using the below?:

  <distributionDirectory  allowWildcards="1">

answered 01 Sep '12, 07:33

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juanjo ♦♦
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It worked in a small test case. But with my real installer which is about 1.9GB it didn't work. InstallBuilder must've included files multiple times or have an infinite loop because I saw the temp installer was about 5.8GB in size (should be 1.9GB), then crashed.

(08 Sep '12, 03:41) gt8967884

could you write us to support@bitrock.com and send us your XML project?

(13 Sep '12, 11:32) juanjo ♦♦

I tried this on a distribution file list as below:

    <description>Development Sources</description>

This resulted in installBuilder packing files which were in siblings of the /source/ directory, which was not intended. Finally, I tried this, which seemed to work as intended:


Is this the correct method?

It seems crazy that there is no obvious or at least documented way to include dot or hidden files in a folder or matched file filter, given that many times hidden files are used for configuration data, which must be installed by an installer.


answered 05 Jun '15, 09:00

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Nevermind, this didn't work. I guess I'll start adding each hidden file individually. Yuck.

(05 Jun '15, 09:09) the7trumpets
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