Is the bitrock generates any log file for the build process ? if yes , where is the default location of this log and how can I redirect outputs from other process which execute during the build to bitrock build log file ?

As an example I have a script which collecting files during the build. In case some of these files are missing I would like to redirect the output message from this script to the bitrock build log.

Thank You, Ronen

asked 03 Sep '12, 05:03

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The build process does not generate any log file but you could use the verbose mode to make it print to stdout:

builder build sample.xml osx --verbose
[  0%] Executing pre build actions
[  0%] Checking output directory
[  0%] Checking if previous build is locked
[  0%] Prebuild check
[ 25%] Copying product files
[ 25%] Processing component Default Component
[ 50%] Creating manifest
[ 75%] Creating product pack
[ 75%] Final executable creation step
[ 75%] Installer placed at /Applications/BitRock InstallBuilder for Qt 8.5.0/output/sample-1.0-osx-installer.app
[ 75%] Installer size: 93540 bytes
[ 75%] Executing post build actions
[100%] Build Complete

answered 03 Sep '12, 18:01

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juanjo ♦♦
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Thank You for your reply. Is there any option to display on the bitrock GUI screen , at the end of the build process, the content of ${program_stderr}?

Thank You, Ronen

(04 Sep '12, 05:35) Ronen

It is not currently possible to do so. A posible alternative would be to open a popup with the program_stderr if it is not empty:

  <showText text="${program_stderr}">
        <compareText text="${program_stderr}" logic="does_not_equal" value=""/>
(13 Sep '12, 11:38) juanjo ♦♦
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