Hi! We have a memory hungry Java Application, so we want to set the -Xmx parameter of the JVM to a User selected Value. This should be done during the installation, because the Javalaunchers are generated by Bitrock Installer. It should look somehow like this:

alt text

Is there a way to do this? Any plans to support it in future releases?

asked 04 Sep '12, 02:10

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You can use <choiceParameterGroup> to allow the user to choose from predefined values as well as specify their own value. For example it could be done as follows:

<choiceParameterGroup> <name>xmx</name> <description>Java memory size</description> <explanation></explanation> <value></value> <default>xmx_1gb</default> <parameterList> <labelParameter> <name>xmx_128m</name> <description>128 MB</description> <explanation></explanation> <image></image> </labelParameter> <labelParameter> <name>xmx_512m</name> <description>512 MB</description> <explanation></explanation> <image></image> </labelParameter> <labelParameter> <name>xmx_1gb</name> <description>1 GB</description> <explanation></explanation> <image></image> </labelParameter> <labelParameter> <name>xmx_2gb</name> <description>2 GB</description> <explanation></explanation> <image></image> </labelParameter> <labelParameter> <name>xmx_4gb</name> <description>4 GB</description> <explanation></explanation> <image></image> </labelParameter> <stringParameter> <name>xmx_custom</name> <description>Custom value</description> <explanation></explanation> <value></value> <default>1024m</default> <allowEmptyValue>1</allowEmptyValue> <width>40</width> </stringParameter> </parameterList> </choiceParameterGroup>


answered 04 Sep '12, 03:35

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