When Bitrock tries to sign "installbuilder", it gives me this error:

Error signing ...installerbuilder: Argument list too long

I'm on a 10.6 machine, with XCode 3.2.2 installed. Is the problem that my version of XCode is too old?

Thanks! - Ryan

asked 27 Sep '12, 14:27

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The error is returned by the codesign error, which InstallBuilder calls under the hood. Updating XCode will probably fix it.


answered 27 Sep '12, 15:21

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juanjo ♦♦
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Updating XCode did fix the problem. Thanks!

On a somewhat related note, now that I have code signing working, I'm unable to build my installer on a non-OSX machine. I get this error:

Could not load project file
The object type <project> cannot contain tag <osxApplicationBundleIdentifier> at line 657 in file C:\path\to\project.xml

Now I understand that I can't sign the OSX installer on a non-OSX machine, but if I'm building for Windows or Linux, it probably should just skip over the signing. Note that I only get this error when building from the command line. If I build from the UI, it works fine.

I use the command line for an auto-build process we have set up, and I guess I could workaround it by building all the installers on OSX, but regardless the command line probably shouldn't fail like this.



answered 09 Oct '12, 10:57

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Which version of InstallBuilder are you using? It seems it is an older version of IB, which do not support the new tags. With the latest version of IB, the builder will not fail but simply ignore the signing.

(15 Oct '12, 04:43) juanjo ♦♦

I'm running 8.5 on both the Windows and Mac machine, and it doesn't look like there are any updates available. Note that if I load and build the project from the UI on Windows, it works fine. It's only when I build from the command line that it complains about the osx tag.

(15 Oct '12, 09:28) Ryan

We have verified it and it seems to also work properly in the cli builder. The only thing that could explain it is that the cli builder was not properly updated when reinstalling over an existing installation. Could that be the cause?

(16 Oct '12, 10:54) juanjo ♦♦

Wow, is my face red. I just checked our auto-build script, and it was still using the 8.2 installation. We updated the paths to 8.5 and now it works fine. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I just wished I had saved you the time and noticed that earlier!

(16 Oct '12, 11:04) Ryan
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