Our application has both 32 and 64 bit flavors, so I had intended to bundle both variants of the JRE as well (in this case, for SPARC Solaris). I noticed that the available .zip file for the JRE doesn't include the 64 bit (sparcv9) directories.

Are there plans to provide this version? Alternatively, are there any special instructions on creating our own JRE bundle? I know that the sparcv9 variant of the Sun/Oracle JRE is a separate download that gets inserted into the 32 bit version when one installs directly on the OS.

asked 08 Oct '12, 10:22

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We have added packages for Solaris Sparc v9 (regular files with sparcv9 binaries included in sparcv9/ subdirectory) and they are available for download here.


answered 09 Oct '12, 08:27

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However, I just attempted to download jre1.7.0_06-solaris-sparc.zip, and the sparcv9 files aren't in there. Am I looking at the wrong package, or is there a delay in their getting propogated to the public site?

(09 Oct '12, 08:36) gorlinskyj

Please refresh the page - perhaps you have opened the cached version? The version should be 1.7.0_07 and the link is http://installbuilder.bitrock.com/java/jre1.7.0_07-solaris-sparcv9.zip

(09 Oct '12, 09:07) wojciechka ♦♦

There must have been caching somewhere along the way. 07 was there this morning.


(10 Oct '12, 08:37) gorlinskyj
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