I have defined both a "desktopShortcutList" and "startMenuShortcutList", but these XML elements do not appear in the GUI on the "Advanced" panel (only the XML editor). They only appear in the "Files" GUI and from there you can only get to the basic properties. They also do not appear in the debugger.

Is this a known issue? Are there any plans to expose these objects in the GUI? When do these actions get executed during the processing

asked 17 Oct '12, 10:25

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The shortcuts are defined as resources (like packed files) so they only appear in the Files section. Which settings are missing in the Files view?

Regarding your second question, the shortcuts are created after the files have been unpacked, right before the project postInstallationActionList.


answered 17 Oct '12, 10:33

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I was recently supplied some example code that included a "ruleList" embedded as part of a desktop "shortcut" definition. The only way to view/edit this "ruleList is from the Advanced panel's XML Editor. I prefer to use the GUI whenever possible. To me it is confusing to have a panel that appears to allow you to toggle between a GUI and XML view of your project and not be able to access all parts of your project definition from both views. Even the Component Folder/Files should be accessible from this Advanced panel's GUI. Again, you are allowing me to view and modify the Component "Folder/Files" information from the XML Editor, but in the GUI I have no access to this data. I have to go back to Files panel GUI, if I wish to make changes to this information (via a GUI)


answered 17 Oct '12, 12:30

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