For testing I installed my product multiple times into different directories. When I try to uninstall them almost simultaneously, only one is launched. Is this expected?

This also happens to products installed by different installers.

[Edit] Actually the limit is three. Previous I had two hanging uninstall running, so it reduced to one. But still why the limitation?

asked 18 Oct '12, 21:29

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There should be no such limitation.

Are you uninstalling by running uninstall.exe manually or by running it from Add/Remove Programs / Programs and Features?

Is it happening on Windows or other platform? Also, what operating system version is it?


answered 19 Oct '12, 09:50

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wojciechka ♦♦
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I'm running uninstall.exe manually, I just tested on Windows 7, haven't tested it on Linux. I'm using installbuilder for Qt.

(21 Oct '12, 16:32) gt8967884

This is a bug in InstallBuilder. It will be fixed in next release, which is planned for later this week, but please contact us for a build with the fix if you need it sooner.

(22 Oct '12, 07:37) wojciechka ♦♦
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