I'm trying to use the folder <name>prefix_dest</name> as the variable ${prefix_dest} within a component, but it doesn't seem to work. Should it?

asked 19 Oct '12, 21:48

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Some tags cannot contain variables. Names of components, folders or parameters cannot contain variables.

One reason is that because their value is sometimes read before any variables are set or when doing unique name validations.


answered 21 Oct '12, 13:28

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wojciechka ♦♦
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Thanks wojciechka, but that's not exactly what I meant. In reverse, it is possible to refer to folder by its name as a variable within the component? For example, where the value of <name>prefix_dest</name> is <destination>/usr/local/lib/myfolder</destination>, I want to use the variable ${prefix_dest} to refer to that destination from in the component. This does not seem to work.

(26 Oct '12, 20:34) tahoar

It is not possible to access destination for a folder this way. However, it can be done the opposite way - specify ${prefix_dest} as <destination> and then have prefix_dest parameter or set it via actions to be able to access that folder's destination directory from other actions.

(30 Oct '12, 04:24) wojciechka ♦♦

Yes, I've done that. It just gets complicated with 12 subcomponents in one project.

(30 Oct '12, 11:11) tahoar
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