How we can disable cancel button on a custom Label parameter screen shown during installation. Actually these pages are coming after installation is done. I am showing the page seq as below

installation_page -> 1st page with label with postShowPageActions -> 2nd page -> Installation_finish page.

In 1st or 2nd page as mentioned above I want the Cancel button to be disabled.

So is there any means to make the Cancel button disabled. Currently I have used <parameterGroup> <name>myPage</name> <title>${msg(XXX.tool.finish)}</title> <explanation></explanation> <value></value> <default></default> <insertBefore>installationFinished</insertBefore> <leftImage>${buildDir}\resources\main\images\sideimage.png</leftImage> <parameterList> <labelParameter> <name>Somemsg</name> <description>${msg(XXX.tool.finish.log)} </description> <explanation></explanation> <image></image> </labelParameter> </parameterList> <ruleList> <isTrue value="${isUpgradeMode}"/> </ruleList> <preShowPageActionList> <setInstallerVariable name="back_page" value="myPage"/> </preShowPageActionList> </parameterGroup>

asked 14 Nov '12, 09:15

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It is not currently possible to disable buttons programmatically but we plan to implement it in future versions. Could you write us to so we can notify you once it is implemented?


answered 18 Nov '12, 16:32

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