I'm trying to builder an installer with allowedLanguages set to "en es ja zh_TW zh_CN de" languages. When trying the installer on Linux (RHE Linux v5.3), characters from all non-English languages are rendered inaccurately. See below:

" Language Selection

Please select the installation language [1] English - English [2] Spanish - Español [3] Japanese - æ¥æ¬èª [4] Traditional Chinese - ç¹ä½ä¸­æ [5] Simplified Chinese - ç®ä½ä¸­æ [6] German - Deutsch Please choose an option [1] : "

I'm setting the "LANG" variable to the language code and exporting it, but still get the characters rendered as above. Is there anything else I need to do? do I need to reboot the box after setting LANG?

Thanks, Reddy

asked 26 Nov '12, 16:35

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For text mode, the LANG variable specifies both the language and output encoding. You should set it to your preferred language and current encoding of your terminal. Usually terminals use UTF-8 mode, so you should do:

 export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

This will cause the installer to print text in UTF-8 mode.

If your terminal is not in UTF-8 mode, simply change it, or set the LANG to same encoding as your terminal uses.

If this also happens in GUI mode, which InstallBuilder are you using? Regular or Qt version? Can you check what happens when running the installer with --mode xwindow:

$ ./installer.run --mode xwindow

If this is InstallBuilder for Qt, can you also try:

$ ./installer.run --mode gtk

answered 27 Nov '12, 05:01

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