I have a main package which installed on windows. On top of this package I installing additional package (support pack package )which updating some files ( each installation will update different files). during the installation there different services which use part of these files. I need to know if is there any way to notify the user which installing the support pack that he need to reboot the system once the installation is completed in order that these file will be updated. But I need it will notify the user only if at least one of the files was hold by any porcess/service. I do not want it will notify the user in case there is no need ( In case files are not used by any service/process and properly updated).

I prefer not use rebootRequired on regular base , only when files are hold by a process and not updated.

Thank You, Ronen

asked 02 Dec '12, 13:31

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InstallBuilder should already require rebooting when a file is was locked while unpacking. Is that not happening in your tests?


answered 02 Dec '12, 14:07

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juanjo ♦♦
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No, it not the behavior in my case. I have file which is running (I Verified it running in task manager) during the SP installation. It seems that this file install as part of the SP installation, the date/time of the file updated, But the installation didn't request reboot at the end of the installation. Further more I wrote down the PID of the file which running and after the installation it the same PID, Although the file updated.

If InstallBuilder should already require rebooting when a file is was locked while unpacking , what could be the reason it not occur in my case ?

Thank You, Ronen


answered 03 Dec '12, 02:58

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I created some test in readyToInstall and add show warning message in case the file is locked with fileIsLocked tag. It seems that the file is locked , but still no reboot request at the end of the installation. I appreciate if advice will be given.

Thank You, Ronen


answered 03 Dec '12, 04:01

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Sorry, I'm not sure I fully understand the details of the issue. InstallBuilder automatically prompt to reboot when it encounters a locked file while it is unpacking files (and cannot replace the locked file with the one being unpacked). Is this the case or other process called from within the installer is the one finding the locked file? (such as a msi file).

(03 Dec '12, 07:56) juanjo ♦♦

The thing is that we're trying to get the prompt by trying to run the installation while the executables are still running. Bitrock is somehow overwriting these files and we do not get the prompt about reboot required.

We wonder about the technique used by Bitrock to overwrite files on Windows.

(03 Dec '12, 11:51) GigaG

We're using a rollback option, so I guess the file is moved to the rollback directory before it's overwritten. This is why there's no locked file conflict, correct?

(03 Dec '12, 12:06) GigaG

Yes, the files are first moved to the rollback directory, or copied if they fail to be moved (for example if they are locked). Then, the installer tries to unpack the file, overwriting if the file exists. If it fails, it checks if it is locked, it creates a temporary file and marks it to be renamed to the original destination on reboot (which will result in the dialog being displayed to the user)

(03 Dec '12, 12:21) juanjo ♦♦
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