I have built an installer and now I want to be able to create new installers from it (each of which will have only one file of it's components changed) and each new installer must have a unique name, different from the one of the original installer. Even if possible the new installers need to be in a different directory.

I'm trying to use quickbuild to achieve this.

In other words I run:
build project.xml windows --setvars outputdir=/path/to/ name=installer

This creates /path/to/installer.exe

Now I change only one of the files, that got packed in installer.exe and want to use the ready installer.exe to repack only the changed file.

So I run:
quickbuild project.xml windows --setvars outputdir=/new/path/to/ name=unique_installer

This will create /new/path/to/unique_installer.exe

The project.xml file is the same. One of the files it includes has has been modified.

Will the above commands actually run a quickbuild, or will it fallback to 'build', because of the changed destination/name ?

How can I run quickbuild to create an installer from a ready installer into a new destination and/or with a new name ?

asked 13 Dec '12, 06:42

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Neo Cortex
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What you could do is use the <preBuildActionList> when some special parameter is set, like template_installer=/path/to/installer.exe and copy it to the new destination so the builder can perform the quick build:

                     <copyFile origin="${template_installer}" destination="${outputdir}/${name}.exe"/>
                    <compareText text="${template_installer}" logic="does_not_contain" value="unknown variable"/>
                    <fileExists path="${template_installer}"/>


answered 13 Dec '12, 07:22

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juanjo ♦♦
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Thanks, copying the original installer works.


answered 13 Dec '12, 11:38

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Neo Cortex
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