When the installer wizard goes from summary page to installation page, there are a couple of seconds the installer UI is not responding. When I try to move the GUI window at that moment, the window jumps out of the view area. See screen shot. Is this a known issue?

alt text

asked 26 Dec '12, 03:34

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We have not seen the issue before. Does it automatically jumps or it simply allows you to move it? Does it go back to its position after it starts responding?


answered 26 Dec '12, 04:36

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juanjo ♦♦
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It jumps when I try to move the GUI. After it jumps, it is out of reach, I can't move it nor does it go back. The only thing I can do is to cacel or wait until finish.

(26 Dec '12, 20:09) gt8967884

It happens during uninstall too. Before the uninstall starts, again there are a couple of seconds the UI is not responding. During that time, you can try to move the GUI window around until the UI is responding. Once it comes back responding, the GUI window will jump out of the view area.

(27 Dec '12, 14:42) gt8967884

We will try to reproduce it and check if there is anything we can do to solve it. In Which Windows version are you testing it? Is it InstallBuilder for Qt or the regular version? If it is the later, could you try if it is also reproducible in Qt mode?

(27 Dec '12, 15:04) juanjo ♦♦

I'm using Windows 7 BitRock InstallBuilder for Qt Version: 8.5.0 (2012-09-05)

(27 Dec '12, 17:39) gt8967884
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