I want to include the .NET framework installer within my installer; I plan to do this very similar to the answer to this question: http://answers.bitrock.com/questions/1016/what-is-the-right-way-to-include-another-installer-into-bitrock-installer

The problem with this is that the .NET framework is fairly large and I wanted to offer two version of the installer, one with and one without .NET bundled. So what I've been looking at doing is creating two project XML files, one for each installer. So I'm not duplicating the majority of the XML I wanted to split all of the base settings out. For example at the moment I would need to duplicate the following tags / areas:

  • vendor
  • install logos / images -- leftImage, logoImage, splashImage
  • require installation by root
  • Names -- shortName / fullName
  • log files
  • language selection -- custom language files

I've tried splitting these out into individual XML files without any success. When I'm building the project I get "The object type <project> cannot contain tag <include> at line 10 in...". Can I separate my project out like this? If so, what tag do I need to put around the XML being included?

At the moment I've got the following:


    <include file="language_selection.xml" />


Where language_selection.xml contains:

<allowedLanguages>en de es fr it ja pt zh_CN zh_TW</allowedLanguages>

I've tried wrapping this in a actionGroup/actionList but that doesn't work.

asked 07 Feb '13, 06:15

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A Jefferiss
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Unfortunately it is not possible to separate the project this way. The <include> statement can only be put under a *List tag, not directly under <project> tag.

A much better solution is to use the same XML and add a <shouldPackRuleList> to the folder containing .NET installer. Then run the build with --setvars to specify if the .NET installer should be packed.

It is described in more details in Using the Command Line Interface section of InstallBuilder User Guide.


answered 07 Feb '13, 09:07

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wojciechka ♦♦
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Ok will do, thanks

(07 Feb '13, 11:00) A Jefferiss
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