When we extract the .exe file to the same location the previous files get overridden. How can we identify if one of the .exe is not extracted and the successive .exe is extracted to the same location?? Is there an opportunity to detect if it is not the successive .exe file for the same location?? For instance, if we have 3 .exe files 1,2,3 which are different from each other. Now after extracting the 1st .exe file if we try to extract the 3rd .exe file, do we have any chance to identify that the 2nd .exe is not extracted??? Can we have any sort of confirmation for the user to inform the scenario like 2nd .exe was not extracted???

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asked 08 Feb '13, 05:23

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Can you provide more details on the situation? Usually installers should not unpack the same file multiple times.

When overwriting, each time the file fails to be overwritten, then the retry/abort/ignore dialog will be shown. However, if an overwrite operation succeeds, no information will be shown to the user.

If you need to handle the case where some files will be overwritten - i.e. if this happens in combination of specific components being selected, or based on parameters specified by users - you can show a warning. This can be done for example from <componentSelectionValidatoinActionList>, as an action in <readyToInstallActionList> or as a separate page.

For example:

<labelParameter> <name>invalid_component_combination</name> <title>Invalid component combination</title> <description>The selected components may conflict, which may cause the installation not to be valid.</description> <explanation></explanation> <image></image> <ruleList> <componentTest> <logic>selected</logic> <name>a</name> </componentTest> <componentTest> <logic>selected</logic> <name>b</name> </componentTest> <componentTest> <logic>selected</logic> <name>c</name> </componentTest> </ruleList> </labelParameter>


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FIrst of all thanks for your reply. I will explain my scenario in detail below.I was created three sample.exe's for same project with bit-rock installer. let us assume: First .exe was unpacked in project folder. and i did some modification again in the same project and created .exe but didnt unpacked in to project folder. again i did some some modifications in the same project and created third .exe and unpacked in to project foldere. here my question is i didnt unpacked my 2nd exe file. so while the user is going to unpacked the third .exe in to project folder is there any chance to give alert like second .exe was not unpacked before third .exe was going to unpack in to same location

(09 Feb '13, 22:06) ashok

You can run checks if specific files are present at build time and either issue a warning there or store the information on which files were/were not present and show a warning in this case.

(11 Feb '13, 12:07) wojciechka ♦♦
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