Does anyone know if it is possible to use file:/// URIs with LaunchBrowser? It seems to work on Linux, but on Windows nothing happens. The install logfile indicates it launched the correct URI, but no browser is ever opened. Regular http urls work fine.

Any hints to get this working?

asked 13 Feb '13, 21:18

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The launchBrowser action may not work with file:// protocol. The best way is to use OS-specific commands to open the file.

For example to open page.html in ${installdir}:

<runProgram> <program>cmd</program> <programArguments>/c start page.html</programArguments> <workingDirectory>${installdir}</workingDirectory> <ruleList> <platformTest> <type>windows</type> </platformTest> </ruleList> </runProgram> <runProgram> <program>xdg-open</program> <programArguments>./page.html</programArguments> <workingDirectory>${installdir}</workingDirectory> <ruleList> <platformTest> <type>linux</type> </platformTest> </ruleList> </runProgram> <runProgram> <program>open</program> <programArguments>page.html</programArguments> <workingDirectory>${installdir}</workingDirectory> <ruleList> <platformTest> <type>osx</type> </platformTest> </ruleList> </runProgram>


answered 14 Feb '13, 01:26

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