I would like to do following: First check for Macos OS version, if it is less then 10.8, continue with installation, but if it is 10.8 or greater, then check if XQuartz exists, if version is 10.8, and no XQuartz, then install it from a directory, if version is 10.8, and XQuartz exists, then continue with installation.

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The XQuartz installation can be done as a separate component - probably with its destination folder set to target location of XQuartz. For example:

<component> <name>xquartz</name> <description>XQuartz</description> <canBeEdited>0</canBeEdited> <selected>0</selected> <show>0</show> <folderList> <folder> <description>XQuartz</description> <destination>${platform_install_prefix}/XQuartz.app</destination> <name>xquartz</name> <platforms>osx</platforms> <!-- distribution files for XQuartz.app --> </folder> </folderList> </component>

The component is disabled by default and can be enabled using an action in case of Mac OS X 10.8 and up and when XQuartz is not installed:

<if> <actionList> <componentSelection> <deselect></deselect> <select>xquartz</select> </componentSelection> </actionList> <conditionRuleList> <compareVersions> <logic>greater_or_equal</logic> <version1>${osx_major_version}</version1> <version2>10.8</version2> </compareVersions> <fileTest> <condition>not_exists</condition> <path>${platform_install_prefix}/XQuartz.app</path> </fileTest> </conditionRuleList> </if>

The path to XQuartz destination directory may require slight modifications, but the example is complete and should work after adding files to the <folder> for XQuartz.


answered 27 Feb '13, 13:54

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