I'm using Unity to make the software. In order to lower the memory when I burn the installer to the disc, I decided to share the AssetBundle folder which hold most of the data of the software for all platforms. The way I did it was putting the AssetBundle directory in folder for "all platforms", and then after it finishes copy the whole AssetBundle folder to "installdir", I check the platform and move the AssetBundle folder into the other folder by using <copyfile> and <deletefile>, but since my AssetBundle is too big, it takes too long to do that. Do have any suggestions for that? Can I copy the the files/folders for certain platform folder first, and then copy files/folders from "all platforms" folder after that to eliminate the moving folder step. Thank you!

Here is the diagram for the way I did:

Allplatfroms: AssetBundle

Windows: Data folder, exe file

Mac: app file

Copy all of them to a folder following platform --> Check platform --> If Windows, moves AssetBundle inside Data || If Mac, move AssetBundle to Contents folder in app.

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You can define a <folder> for the AssetBundle directory and set the <platforms> tag to "all" so it will be packed for all versions of your installer. Then create other <folder>s to pack the specific files for each platform. This way the files in AssetBundle will also be added to the uninstaller for being correctly removed, which would not be done using <copyfile>.

Find more information about packing files and folders in our official documentation: http://installbuilder.bitrock.com/docs/installbuilder-userguide.html#folders


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