I have the same problem with the uninstaller not being signed, on windows. Is there an easy way to have the installer/builder generate the uninstaller at build time, so it can be signed?

Right now it seems I have to:

  1. Make a build of the installer,
  2. Install the application,
  3. Copy the uninstaller to the input of the build,
  4. Sign the uninstaller,
  5. Include it in the installer,
  6. Rebuild the installer, with uninstaller disabled (since the signed one is bundled)

So for every change done to the installer project, I would need to do this by hand.

It would be awesome if I could automate this.

asked 07 Jan '16, 06:56

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I think I found the solution.

I've created an uninstaller.xml project, which has pre and post-uninstallation actions to clean up files and registry.

I've disabled ARP registry entries for it, so it will only generate the uninstaller, and not add stuff to the registry like a normal installer.

So now I have these steps, which I can automate:

  1. Make a build of the uninstaller.xml project.
  2. Run the generated installer, which will generate the uninstaller.
  3. Copy the uninstaller to input of installer.
  4. Sign the uninstaller.
  5. Make a build of the installer with uninstaller-signed bundled.

answered 07 Jan '16, 08:34

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Because of a pending to be solved bug, even if the information inside uninstall.dat takes precedence, the uninstaller may expect to find some files inside uninstall.exe (such as when using custom language files). Because of this, the best solution would be to take the actual uninstaller.exe from your current installer, sign it, as use it instead of the one from the sample project.

Could you contact us at support@bitrock.com? We have been working on implementing built-in support for signing the uninstaller and can provide you with a beta build.

(08 Jan '16, 11:36) alejandror ♦♦
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