In MAC OS, I tried to add the license file and it produces errors. I tried to add a RTF file format and the License dialog has unwanted characters as shown in the image below,

alt text

So I added the TXT text file format and I get the following error as shown in the image below. The License dialog's GUI messes up and the dialog hangs up,

alt text

What is the issue here? This happens on MAC OS.

asked 26 Jan '16, 04:27

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Codename K
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The issue was caused by the license file containing some non standard characters that are incompatible with the installer's license box (specifically the quotes “, ” and ’). Just replacing that characters by regular quotes (" and ') solved the issue.


answered 28 Jan '16, 04:04

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alejandror ♦♦
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Could you send us the TXT file to support@bitrock.com? We will try to reproduce it on our side. Could you also send more details about the flavor (Qt or not) and version of InstallBuilder being used?


answered 26 Jan '16, 11:25

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alejandror ♦♦
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OK. I'll send it by email.

(27 Jan '16, 00:48) Codename K
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