I'm using installbuilder to create a DMG install file for distribution on Macs. My application is Java and a java launcher is correctly created.

My problem is that the CFBundleName is set to ${java_launcher_binary_name} in the Info.plist file. It's as if the variable has either not been initialised or is not being expanded.

I could modify the .plist after installation, but I'd rather not as I have had a few problems where users were unable to launch the application.

How can I make installbuilder put the expanded name (or any other name I choose) into CFBundleName?

Other than this, the automatic DMG/signing seems to work perfectly!


asked 26 Feb '16, 04:51

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Is this referring to CFBundleName for the installer or the Java launcher?

(29 Feb '16, 04:00) wojciechka ♦♦

The launcher. When you run up the app you see ${java_launcher_binary_name} appear in the title bar.

(29 Feb '16, 04:43) Ian

Indeed this seems like an issue with expanding variable names in InstallBuilder.

Please contact us as support(at)bitrock.com and we will provide you with a fixed version.


answered 29 Feb '16, 06:07

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wojciechka ♦♦
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Thanks - will mail you now.

(29 Feb '16, 07:06) Ian
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