A difficult question:

I have an initial installer (V1.0) with a Pre-uninstalltion Action:


And I have an installer for a new Software version (V2.0) with a similar call in the Pre-uninstalltion Actions, but with a slightly differnt directory:


When installing V1.0 and uninstalling it, the right Pre-uninstallation action is called:


Everything fine, so far.

When clean installing (no update!) V2.0 and uninstalling it, the right Pre-uninstallation action is called either:


Everything fine, so far.

But when installing V1.0 and updating this Version to V2.0 and then an uninstallation is performed, the Pre-uninstallation action from version V1.0 is called:


But for me, this is an error, I expect the call from V2.0 there:


Installer project was edited with 15.10.1 and installer was created with 15.10.1 AND 16.3.0 - but same results.

asked 07 Apr '16, 05:34

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edited 07 Apr '16, 07:35

Please note that when using the upgrade mode, the new actions set in the pre/postUninstallationActionLists will not be added to the existing uninstallers. The upgrade installers will only add the new unpacked files for uninstalling them. Please find more information in this section of the documentation:



answered 12 Apr '16, 13:23

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So it is not a bug but a feature. But is it a cool feature?

Anyway, so I habe update an existing installation using the regular mode! This makes me a lot of test effort now. I hope I am not running in other problems then...

(13 Apr '16, 04:15) CV1
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