How do I disable the creation of the uninstaller during installation?

I know I can disable it in the build with <createuninstaller>0</createuninstaller> but need to disable its creation in certain circumstances.

Deleting it and manifest files after installation is not an option as ${installdir} does not exist - in certain circumstances the installer adds a plugin (contained within the installer but extracted to a temporary directory) to an existing Eclipse installation using Eclipse's p2 installer, so nothing is "installed" in the traditionaly InstallBuilder way.

I tried ${project.createUninstaller}=0 but the variable appears to be read-only.

As a work-around I conditionally exit as the last action in the post-installation actions (action group with an info dialog confirming install and exit), but it would be nice to have the final frame rather than a small info dialog.

asked 29 Jun '16, 10:56

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Please note that in order to overwrite the project property you would need to do it without using the dollar symbol and curly braces. Please find below an example:

<postInstallationActionList> ... <setInstallerVariable name="project.createUninstaller" value="0"/> </postInstallactionActionList>

Could you check if using this <setInstallerVariable> action as the last one in your <postinstallationactionlist> works for you?


answered 01 Jul '16, 05:12

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