In March, 2016, someone complained about this happening in version 15. Has any progress been made?

I'm using 16.10.0 on OS X El Capitan (10.11.5). I see the same behavior in 10.10 (Yosemite) and 10.12 (Sierra).

The progress dialog shows 100% immediately- from the beginning there's a blue line completely filling the progress area, and during execution there is a very subtle undulating change in color intensity that flows to the right. It's nothing like the progress bar that runs during unpacking, etc.

I've tried the unzip example in the user guide as well as the execution of a series of simple scripts like "/bin/sleep 1". I incorporated both of these in the "actionlistexample".

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The <unzip> action is not intended to support large files (because of its performance). The difference in performance is due to our internal library not being a compiled C extension but interpreted. To workaround the issue, I would recommend to either pack the uncompressed zip instead or to bundle the unzip tool and call it at runtime. With OSX you can also use unzip in the following way:


This will unzip faster than using InstallBuilder's <unzip>


answered 21 Nov '16, 12:19

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Thanks for the info, but I'm not actually interested in unzip. I only mentioned it as another way I tested showprogressdialog and found it to be broken on the Mac.

My first attempt was in a series of actions, including copyFile, runProgram, and changeOSXAttributes. As the actions proceed the various progressText messages do appear, but progress isn't shown. Imagine Fig. 8.7 (p. 161) in "Bitrock Installbuilder User Guide 16" with the green bar all the way to the right (as in 100%) from the moment it appears on the screen, instead of growing gradually as the actions are completed.

(22 Nov '16, 11:17) wscjr1
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