I have an installer that runs in both GUI and command line (unattended). I have created a custom page after the installation that the user needs to enter some parameters and than I need to run a program with those parameters. Now, I've configured this program as a "Post Show Page Action" but It doesn't run in unattended mode. Is there some way to make it work in both cases??

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The Post Show Page action will only be triggered in GUI mode. Using unattended mode there is no possibility for the user to enter the parameters. If you have some custom actions that you want to execute in unattended mode you could add them to the <postInstallationActionList> with a rule checking for the installation mode:

               <compareText text="${installationMode}" logic="equals" value="unattended"/>        

If it is necessary for the user to enter the parameters, it's also possible to run the installer in text mode. In this way user interaction is possible.

Please check the following sections of our manual for more information on this subject:



answered 24 Jan, 09:31

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I used ${installer_ui} variable and it works, thanks!

(25 Jan, 08:57) Yuli
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