In order to build versions that have various language translations, I can call the builder-cli.exe with a parameter project.allowedLanguages.

How can I only place the needed translation files (for our application) which are listed in that parameter?

The file names are of the form where the xx matches the codes in allowedLanguages, i.e. English is, German is

It seems like it should be possible to only include these files that match the codes in the allowedLanguages list, but I'm not seeing a way to do it.

Thank you very much for any help you can offer.


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Unfortunately it's not possible to conditionally add languages to the <customLanguageFileList>.

it's possible though to pack only the custom language files from the languages in the <allowedLanguages>by using the <foreach> action to iterate over the allowedLanguages property and copy the resulting files to a temporary folder, which can then be packed.

First in the <prebuildactionlist> you create a directory where the files will be copied.


... Then in the same <prebuildactionlist> you add a <foreach> action to iterate over the allowedLanguages property.

  <foreach values="${project.allowedLanguages}">

</prebuildactionlist> And ultimately you pack the files from your temporary folder /tmp/tempfiles:



The problem is that if the builder encounters a language in <allowedLanguages> that has no custom .lng file it will throw an error. A workaround for this would be to create an empty custom .lng file for every language your installer supports. InstallBuilder will ignore the empty .lng files and only apply the ones that have your custom strings.


answered 31 Jan, 12:12

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