This isn't really a question, just wanted to share a case-sensitivity issue I ran across. Not all aspects of InstallBuilder are case-sensitive, so it gets confusing when you run into a scenario where one command is case-sensitive and another isn't.

When using unpackFile I was getting an error indicating that it could not find the file to unpack. I thought this was rather strange since to build the installer the file had to exist. I checked the component, folder and file names in the installer project and all were correct. I'm using the Windows version of the InstallBuilder Pro. v16.8 to build a Windows installer. Below is pseudo code of what is in my project. I have several instances of this scenario in the code and only 1 was failing.

<component> <name>MyComponentName</name> <folderlist> <folder> <name>Folder1</name> <distributionfilelist> <distributionfile> <origin>C:/PathToFile/Filename.dat</origin> </distributionfile> </distributionfilelist> </folder> </folderlist>

<postinstallationactionlist> <unpackfile> <component>MyComponentName</component> <folder>Folder1</folder> <origin>Filename.dat</origin> <destination>${installDir}/subFolder</destination> <progresstext>Unpacking file</progresstext> </unpackfile> </postinstallationactionlist> </component>

The issue turned out to be unpackFile is case-sensitive. The file name in the Windows system was FileName.dat. The Folder found and loaded the file fine (apparently NOT case-sensitive), but unpackFile could not find it until I renamed the file in the Windows file system to Filename.dat (removed the camel case).

asked 26 Jan, 08:45

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