In installers can we include advertisements like in some installers? The advertisements points to certain software programs. It needs to show in the dialog. If the user accepts it then the installer downloads and installs the programs. If not move to the next dialog. The advertisements are dynamic. It will be retrieved from the web server (usually an image). Can this be done?

asked 27 Jan, 11:34

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It is possible to create several booleanParameters that show a <leftImage> but unfortunately InstallBuilder does not support loading images at runtime, instead they need to be packed at build time.


answered 31 Jan, 12:19

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What about HTML page?

(31 Jan, 12:28) Codename K

You can use a <linkParameter> to show a clickable link to a website:

  <title>Open Browser</title>
  <explanation>You can also add parameters to be shown after the installation is complete.

      <title>Open Browser</title>
      <explanation>Here's a link parameter:</explanation>
      <description>Open BitRock Website</description>

answered 31 Jan, 12:34

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Michiel ♦
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What about making a web page browse in the dialog? Not a link but an actual web page to be shown in the dialog like the license agreement text box?

(31 Jan, 12:54) Codename K
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