I am trying to run Node.js installer while installing my program. I have tried two approaches.

  1. First one was answer for this question: http://answers.bitrock.com/questions/1016/what-is-the-right-way-to-include-another-installer-into-bitrock-installer

    <preinstallationactionlist> <showprogressdialog> <title>Installing third party software</title> <actionlist> <unpackfile> <component>NodeJs </component> <destination>${system_temp_directory}/node-v6.9.4-x86.msi</destination> <folder>NodeJsFolder</folder> <origin>node-v6.9.4-x86.msi</origin> </unpackfile> <runprogram> <program>${system_temp_directory}/node-v6.9.4-x86.msi</program> </runprogram> <deletefile> <path>${system_temp_directory}/node-v6.9.4-x86.msi</path> </deletefile> </actionlist> </showprogressdialog> </preinstallationactionlist>

Error: Cannot find file to unpack node-v6.9.4-x86.msi

  1. I tried to install it in post-installation actions.
<postinstallationactionlist> <showprogressdialog> <title>Installing third party software</title> <actionlist> <runprogram> <program>${installdir.unix}/node-v6.9.4-x86.msi</program> <programarguments></programarguments> </runprogram> </actionlist> </showprogressdialog> </postinstallationactionlist>

But I got error: Unknown error while running "program path inside install folder".

EDIT: Sorry but I can't get code styling to work.

asked 31 Jan, 15:42

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Could you try if removing the space at the end of the name of the component would fix the issue?


answered 16 Mar, 04:32

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