Hi, I've noticed that install and uninstall is leaving spaces in .bashrc or .profile on Linux. When I was testing install and uninstall multiple times and there was a huge spaces left. How can I solve this problem. Below is sample .bashrc:

if [ -f /etc/bash_completion ] && ! shopt -oq posix; then . /etc/bash_completion fi

lot of spaces in b/w, can be seen in editing mode

export PROJECT_HOME="/home/try_installer/demo"

export PROJECT_RUNTIME="demo"

asked 19 Mar, 21:30

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Just wondering, Has any one faced this problem before?

(20 Mar, 11:29) paddy

is there any one to answer it???

(21 Mar, 20:25) paddy

Could you tell us which OS, OS version and InstallBuilder version you are using. Also, could you send the .bashrc file before installation, before uninstallation and after uninstallation as well as the project file to support@bitrock.com


answered 22 Mar, 11:24

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Michiel ♦
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Hi Michel, Sorry I was busy and couldn't respond. On all Linux based distributions. It is very easy to reproduce. I'm adding environment variable using "Add Environment Variable" dialogue and deleting using "Delete Environment Variable". I shall try to get "test" project file but it is easy to reproduce on any Linux distributions like CentOS 5/6, Ubuntu et al


answered 04 Apr, 02:13

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