When using InstallBuilder to create large installers for each of 3 platforms (Windows, Linux and MAC), the third installer being built occasionally fails very close to completion with the message "Unknown error while building". InstallBuilder returns a 1 instead of 0. This has occurred 3 times in the last 15 product builds, each time with a different platform installer, thus 3 of the last 45 InstallBuilder executions have failed in this manner. Reissuing the builder command, with NO CHANGES to the build area then completes successfully. Any ideas how to trouble-shoot this failure?

asked 24 Mar, 17:20

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Could you build the project reproducing the error with the --debugtrace debug.txt option and send the debug.txt file to support@bitrock.com? For example:

For Windows: C> InstallerBuilder\bin\builder.exe build C> Path\to\project.xml --debugtrace debug.txt

For MacOs: /Applications/InstallBuilder/bin/Builder.app/Contents/MacOs/installbuilder.sh build /Path/to/project.xml --debugtrace debug.txt

For Linux: /home/user/InstallBuilder/bin/builder build /path/to/project.xml --debugtrace debug.txt

We will then check the resulting file for the cause of the issue.

(27 Mar, 11:58) Michiel ♦
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