HttpGet does not seem to be able to connect to the server which is using https. Is it supposed to work? Also - will it work if the server is using self-signed certificate?

asked 29 Mar, 13:07

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To use https You need to enable ssl support <enableSslSuport>1</enableSslSupport>. It will work with a self-signed certificate.


answered 30 Mar, 06:34

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Where do I set <enablesslsuport>1</enablesslsupport>? I am not able to set it inside <httpget>. I am able to set it on the project level but that does not seem to help because HttpGet is still not connecting! I am using IB Professional version 17.3.0

(31 Mar, 16:35) Anna_G

Also - not sure if it matters but I am using HttpGet from Validation Actions (to validate url and credentials entered by the user)

(31 Mar, 16:36) Anna_G

In addition to <enablesslsuport>1</enablesslsupport> the installer should be built with Full Build option.

(06 Apr, 12:46) Anna_G
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