I have Norwegian customer using our product installer who is getting a pop up error from Windows after the installation and uninstallation completes.

Windows 7, 64bit Norwegian formats and location

Installer was built with InstallBuilder version 8.5.0

Error message popup after install is complete and "finish" button is clicked is as follows.

<installer title=""> has stopped working. a problem caused the program to stop working correctly, Please close the program. --> Close the program The log files for both the install and uninstall are complete with no errors. I'm not sure how to debug this issue? Thanks, -Jon

asked 30 Apr '13, 13:48

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Do you have any action in the <finalpage>?

(01 May '13, 11:05) kaysa ♦♦

No, there are no actions in <finalpage>. The last action is to create a log before the uninstaller is built and both of these happen prior to the error. The error happens right after the "finish" button is clicked. I am unable to reproduce the problem on any of my PC's so I'm wondering if it is something to do with the Norwegian locales setup on his PC.

(01 May '13, 12:12) jblake

Could you ask your customer for running the installer from the command line with the option --debugtrace filename.txt? Please send that file to support@bitrock.com

(01 May '13, 13:44) kaysa ♦♦

Hi Kaysa, I had the customer run the command and I've sent the file you requested to support. Thanks, -Jon

(02 May '13, 13:23) jblake
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