My installer uses <startMenuShortcut>, <startMenuFileShortcut> and <startMenuFolder> to add a couple of hierarchically structured shortcut items to the Start menu.

This works fine on all supported Windows versions, but on Windows 8, all the shortcuts appear as tiles on the Windows 8 Start screen.

This MSDN article says that "Whenever possible, desktop apps should have only one tile on the Start screen to provide a shortcut that launches the app".

So, is it possible to use <startMenuShortcut>, <startMenuFileShortcut> etc. to create shortcuts that appear in the Windows Start menu, but do not appear in the Windows 8 Start screen?

asked 08 May '13, 10:41

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Dirk Stegemann
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With new Start feature in Windows 8/Server 2012, newly installed applications are pinned to start by default so the application will just show in Start and nothing needs to be done.

However, it may make sense to reduce number of shortcuts to avoid showing large number of items in start after the installation.

There is no API to programmatically unpin from Start - as per Microsoft documentation:

The decision to leave or unpin items from Start is left to the user and it is not recommended to modify it.


answered 08 May '13, 11:00

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